Apollo currency

The blockchain technology has gone way too far than anyone had ever expected in the past few years. A lot of new cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms came into existence.

Apollo currency is one such new platform for cryptocurrency exchange. As its founders claim, it is the first ever all-in-one currency. Unlike other cryptocurrency wallets, Apollo currency offers a wide range of features other than just making payments and handling business transactions.

The main advantage and a very unique feature of Apollo currency is that, it can be used in almost every business sector and day to day life.

Most of the cryptocurrency wallets at present mainly focuses on handling business transactions. But Apollo currency is specifically designed for normal and small-time investors and to serve their needs. This wallet doesn’t just hold its APL coins but helps you to sell your own digital content and physical goods in its own ecosystem.

Apollo Currency offers some really unique features to its users. A few of these features are:

  1. It has the ultimate privacy policy called coin shuffling. This is an additional privacy feature it offers, unlike other crypto wallets.
  2. Apollo Currency will allow its users to upload data to the blockchain for storage. This helps to receive a timestamp for the data. So your data will be safe and secure.
  3. Unlike other crypto wallets, you can trade your assets with 100% privacy. No records of the transactions are stored within the ecosystem.
  4. Apollo currency allows multi-signature accounts which will allow more than one user to handle the accounts.
  5. By using its Apollo voting, the group can vote on the transactions that take place through the account.


Apollo has its own cryptocurrency coins which are called APL coins. They are very easy to use. This is because APL coins are pre-mined. So unlike other coins in the market right now, APL coins do not require huge amounts of electricity to mine them.

Apollo currency is unique in its own way at a lot of levels. But still, the creators are trying to make it more reliable and accessible to its users. The next major milestone they are trying to reach is reducing the transaction time to less than 2 seconds.

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