Investing in Cryptocurrency in 2018


Over the last few years the scene in crypto currency has advanced a lot. It is a matter of great change since before the current decade there was no existence of such investment scheme in the market. It only came into the picture when people started earning high returns out of it. The value of these investments boomed in the middle of the decade which was a crucial stage for its popularity.

What has changed?

Ever since the idea of crypto currency investment has come into the picture there have been a number of different currencies coming up. In form of coins and digital currency they have been a part of business funding in the recent times. There is also a scope of risks and understanding with theory while investing in them. Having more options to invest creates a sense of confusion among the traders and general investors.

Risk factors and options:

The investment has significant risk factors in the current time which cannot be overlooked in 2018. This is because of a number of other coins being introduced every day. To properly minimize the risk, you need to invest in a diverse manner which would lower your chances of loss. It would also help you recover from other losses on the contrary where you would have sustained a heavy loss if invested on a particular coin. The understanding of the market is even more important to invest properly.


The time frame for a coin to mature in 2018 is significantly slower than the previous years. Businesses and other traders who invest know this for a fact and invest accordingly on their desired crypto currency. Makes sure you buy and sell patiently to make the most of it.

The people earning with cryptocurrency at earlier point of its existence had limited options in investments which was sure to have good returns. This has neutralised to some extent in the current time. Learn more about investing here. Make sure you fully understand the coin you are investing in and then take the final decision in order to successfully trade.


Bitcoin or Altcoins, What Should You Buy?


Bitcoin is currently ruling the crypto industry. It is the most expensive cryptocurrency the world has seen till date. Although banned in a few countries, Bitcoin’s price is constantly growing. There was a fall in the past but it has again re-established itself as the most prominent crypto asset.

Now you must know that Bitcoin is not the only crypto asset in the crypto industry. It is one of many cryptocurrencies which are being purchased and traded on a daily basis. If you are willing to enter the cryptocurrency market, buying Bitcoins might not be an option for you because of its expensive cost. However, you can still be a crypto trader if you invest in Altcoins. The Altcoins are alternative coins such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. These crypto assets are cheaper and yet beneficial.

Should you invest your money in altcoins?

The answer is yes! Bitcoin’s growth proves that how beneficial it can be to invest in a cryptocurrency which is slowly strengthening its place in the crypto industry. The altcoins might not be as expensive as Bitcoins but their value is also growing. Ethereum was launched in 2015 and now it is the 2nd most popular crypto asset.

There are numerous retailers and companies accepting crypto payments. Whether you want to travel, buy products, or use services, you can make the payment in cryptocurrency. The traditional economists might not find it interesting but the crypto market is flourishing much faster than any other market. Many new altcoins were launched in the recent few years. A lot of new startups are now planning to introduce their crypto tokens and sell them during the ICOs. You might find it pretty weird that thousands of crypto investors are actively buying new crypto tokens with a huge potential for success in the future.

You will spend a very affordable amount to buy an altcoin today. Its value will certainly rise in the future as the demands will increase. You can hold your crypto assets and wait for the right moment to trade it. Online crypto exchanges will provide you with many great opportunities for crypto trading in altcoins.

Betting and Crypto – The Perfect Match?


The gambling industry is undoubtedly one of the worlds most lucrative. From Las Vegas to Macau and everywhere in between. If you are someone who likes an occasional flutter or a professional player, this industry can be both exciting and lucrative.

The problems however, are not far from the surface. Whilst we enjoy a relaxed, even liberal attitude to betting in Australia and throughout Europe, there are many countries whose betting industries have been stifled and even prohibited completely by overbearing bureaucracy. This is where crypto and the blockchain can be hugely beneficial.

Why the Gambling Industry Needs Crypto

As we mentioned, some of the world’s largest countries have a pretty conservative stance on gambling. This includes the USA, where, aside from a small pocket of areas and activities, are pretty staunch when it comes to being against gambling. South Korea too is a nation which completely prohibits ANY form of gambling for its citizens. This goes so far as to even prosecute some Koreans after they return from gambling trips in OTHER countries.

Ultimately, this removes a huge number of potential gamblers and revenue from the industry. Crypto can and has been implementing itself as the solution. The ease with which you can transfer coins from you secure crypto wallet to a betting site, and vice versa is staggering.

The speed of transactions, removal of costly intermediaries and full transparency of the networks are only a few reasons why these two sectors go hand in hand so well.

Why Crypto Needs Gambling

This is another simple and logical set of reasons. At the end of the day, the more people who are exposed to, and using cryptocurrency in their daily lives, the bigger the entire sector will become. What better way to introduce new users and spread crypto fever than harnessing an industry and hobby which millions of people love, and allowing them to carry it out in a safe and cost-effective environment.

When Can I Trade My ICO Tokens?

This is one of the biggest questions which many potential investors will have when investing in ICOs. This is especially true if you are investing a large amount or the sum which you are investing is of significant importance to your own balance sheet.

The time at which an ICO projects token becomes tradable will depend on a number of variables and at the end of the day, it is really up to the company when that will happen. Here is a list of the variables which will impact the timeframe for which a token becomes tradable.

ICO Completion and Audit

Generally speaking, the ICO itself will have to conclude for trading of the token to begin. Following the conclusion of the ICO, most respectable projects will conduct a thorough audit. This will likely take at least 30 days. In truth, if a company is not auditing its ICO after completion then you probably don’t want to be invested in it at all. After completion of the audit, the tokens will usually be distributed to the respective wallets of investors and trading can commence.

Exchange Partnerships

This is the absolute most vital point which must be satisfied in order for an ICO token to begin trading. The project team must have an agreement in place to list their token on specific exchanges. This is not as easy as it sounds. Listing on an exchange is expensive. Getting listed on major exchanges can cost huge amounts and this is not always something which projects are prepared for.

There will also be the question of other criteria which a token should fulfil to get listed on an exchange. This verification process can be in-depth and take time. Ultimately, the decision whether to list a coin for trading will be at the discretion of the exchange itself.

Market Conditions

The current market conditions are a hugely variable factor which can always have a serious impact on the trading schedule of a coin. The project may have planned in good faith to have its coin available for trading at a certain time but market conditions with regard to both liquidity and possibly legislation can be unpredictable and change fast.


The launch of a coin for trading is reliant on many variable parts and the best conclusion is to say that the timing is always subject to change. In those cases where your coin has not launched as soon as expected, your best solution is to just wait it out and trust in your initial investment feelings.

How Much Does it Cost to ICO?

How long is a piece of string? – ICOs have become outrageously popular as a means of funding in recent times. More and more are opening up on a daily basis. Most project teams see an ICO as the perfect way to fund their new venture.  The cost of launching an ICO depends on some key factors, but everything is within your powers of control.

Initial Developments

First things first, presuming you have a fantastic concept, or something pre-existing and you wish to set the wheels in motion for an ICO. At this point, you will need to begin establishing a team around you. These include a site designer to design and launch your landing page, a programmer with expert knowledge of the blockchain to code the actual token and parameters of the sale, a legal advisor who can keep you aware of the changing landscapes and ensure you stay compliant, and finally a technical writer who can put together a killer whitepaper.

Ideally, doing some of these things yourself (skillfully) will be a great money saver.

Launch Preparations

The dominant consideration once your token is “ready for launch” is marketing. Marketing an ICO is one of the most competitive areas a project could enter at his moment. You need to get your ICO listed on some of the major rating agencies, they are very costly depending on the level of promotion. Then there is general advertising which is becoming more and more difficult.

Then you have your organic articles and social community management on forums like Bitcointalk, Telegram groups and other media channels.

This is why we are seeing a huge rise in the cost of marketing a project. In fact, it is not uncommon to see up to 15% of an ICO budget allocated to marketing in some form or another.

Post Launch

So your ICO has successfully launched. It is starting to generate investment. You need to have your team include a blockchain security expert even before this point to ensure your safety measures are watertight. Launching an ICO makes you a red rag to a hacker.

Don’t forget that post launch, you need to keep promoting hard and selling through any means possible. Again this means keeping the marketing team very busy.

Once your ICO has closed, you are not done yet. The process will then need to be extensively auditing and reported.

Ultimately, an ICO launch can cost anywhere from $50,000-$150,000, a lot of which is dependent upon how much you market the project. This ballpark figure is one which continues to rise.