Crypto as currency to spend on Wedding Arrangements


A wedding is a beginning of a new relationship, new life of two persons. A wedding is a grand affair for the entire family and the family wants to make it more memorable and enjoyable. Wedding planning refers to the design, management and documentation of all the wedding events. Wedding planning is sourcing and managing wedding suppliers, arranging wedding venues, and paying them timely for their services.

The services in wedding planning may involve designing and drafting decoration of the wedding, contracting service providers and wedding professionals such as suppliers, videographers, florists, photographers, beauticians. It also include coordination of all the services/deliveries for wedding purpose, and develop wedding layout such as the location of the dance floor, buffet points, chairs, tables, lounge, etc. A perfectly captured picture can relive the best day for years and a perfect moment captured in the perfect manner is worth a million. It is photography that can click unplanned moments of the people emotions, be it cheerfulness, joy or tears. Arranging a good photographer is very important for a great photography. Wedding videography is one of the best and pleasurable profession for the lovers of photography. However, it is also a stressful and challenging work. Wedding videography helps people to capture and save best moments of their life forever.

It is good for the couples to prepare well in advance and get assistance in the development, design and logistics. Planning of wedding also include planning of payments. Mostly people prefer to use their debit/credit cards to complete the payment process, but now a new concept of paying money through cryptocurrency has emerged. People like to spend their crypto to pay all their wedding dues. It is a good concept as it has low transaction fee, fraud fee, is accessible anywhere, and can be used internationally without any charges. Wedding is a grand affair and many times people are buying things/services outside their own country to make their wedding lavish. Bitcoin or eos crypto are the easiest forms to pay internationally without any bank interference or charges. There are many vendors, service providers, and venues that accept bitcoins as a payment option for their services.

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