Cryptocurrency Start-Up Ideas


Did you also notice all the rumbling around cryptocurrency in 2018? Thanks to the surge in ICOs, it has become the talk of the town ever since. Moreover, the start-ups like Bit-Exchange are providing the readymade blockchain projects to quickly facilitate your new venture in 2019. Let’s now talk about some ideas you can try your hands on in case you are thinking of jumping in to the vast ocean of cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency Exchange – In cryptocurrency exchange, people trade their currency for other cryptocurrency as well as can sell them flat for other physical currencies viz. USD, AUD, EUR etc. Since cryptocurrency has seen a huge turnout of investors in recent times, existing exchanges are not able to handle this much volume and so the demand for such exchanges is increasing. This makes it a venture worth giving a shot.


Payment apps for overseas transfer – The second hot topic in that makes to this list is Payment apps for overseas transfer. If you have travelled out of your home country for a significant amount of time, you might be aware of pain in transferring money to loved one’s back home. This is because of the time consuming process along with all the middlemen who charge a sum for making this transfer. This ultimately increases the overall cost of sending the money overseas. Using the blockchain tech. which uses XLM token, you can remove all the middlemen while reducing the transaction time in one go.


Cryptocurrency Wallet as-a-service – If you have inclination towards security and hacking related issues, this idea is for you. Cryptocurrency is currently plagued by the hackers who notoriously are making attacks on Wallets around the world. This makes people wary and confused about what all Wallets available in the market they should trust. If you can raise enough awareness and come up with a robust security system, you can offer it as-a-service to the cryptocurrency owners. This will make the owners worry-free by freeing them from the hassle of choosing among the available Wallets and at the same time will be profitable for you.


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