How and when to invest in Bitcoin?

If you have heard about Bitcoin and have never invested in this cryptocurrency then the time is now. If you understand the working of Bitcoin then you will definitely understand that this currency is here to stay and will keep growing in the future.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which will keep rising in the coming years but before investing, you should understand the principles and technology behind it and its workings. The main reason for its popularity and viral adoption is the finite amount of Bitcoins available in the market.

Pre-requisite requirements for Bitcoin investment

  1. Exchanges to buy Bitcoins

You should be very careful in choosing the right exchange when buying Bitcoins or else you can fall prey to some of the scams in the market and end up losing your investment.

Some of the major and most trusted exchanges to buy Bitcoins are as follows:

  1. India: BitBNS
  2. USA: CoinBase, Gemini, Kraken
  3. UK: CEX
  4. Europe: CEX
  5. Russia: Yobit
  6. Israel: CoinMama

But there are many countries across the world where no Bitcoin exchange is available and the citizens residing there have very limited means to buy Bitcoins. Some of the tested options to buy Bitcoins in such countries are through PayPal, Cash, and credit card, Debit Card, Payoneer and Payza.

  1. Wallet to store Bitcoins

You should have a secure wallet for securing your Bitcoins. Having Bitcoins is same like have hard cash with you where you are solely responsible for buying, selling and storing it in a safe and secure manner. If it is not secured, then you will end up losing your Bitcoins and in turn a large amount of your investment. Thus, always choose a proper wallet for securely storing your Bitcoins.


Since the prices of Bitcoins are continuously rising, you can buy Bitcoins even in fractions like 0.005 Bitcoin. You should only buy Bitcoins from a reliable and trusted exchange and kept secure.  You are responsible for your Bitcoins and it’s your duty to keep them secure. You should be wise with your money and treat your Bitcoin like you all other investments.

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