When Can I Trade My ICO Tokens?

This is one of the biggest questions which many potential investors will have when investing in ICOs. This is especially true if you are investing a large amount or the sum which you are investing is of significant importance to your own balance sheet.

The time at which an ICO projects token becomes tradable will depend on a number of variables and at the end of the day, it is really up to the company when that will happen. Here is a list of the variables which will impact the timeframe for which a token becomes tradable.

ICO Completion and Audit

Generally speaking, the ICO itself will have to conclude for trading of the token to begin. Following the conclusion of the ICO, most respectable projects will conduct a thorough audit. This will likely take at least 30 days. In truth, if a company is not auditing its ICO after completion then you probably don’t want to be invested in it at all. After completion of the audit, the tokens will usually be distributed to the respective wallets of investors and trading can commence.

Exchange Partnerships

This is the absolute most vital point which must be satisfied in order for an ICO token to begin trading. The project team must have an agreement in place to list their token on specific exchanges. This is not as easy as it sounds. Listing on an exchange is expensive. Getting listed on major exchanges can cost huge amounts and this is not always something which projects are prepared for.

There will also be the question of other criteria which a token should fulfil to get listed on an exchange. This verification process can be in-depth and take time. Ultimately, the decision whether to list a coin for trading will be at the discretion of the exchange itself.

Market Conditions

The current market conditions are a hugely variable factor which can always have a serious impact on the trading schedule of a coin. The project may have planned in good faith to have its coin available for trading at a certain time but market conditions with regard to both liquidity and possibly legislation can be unpredictable and change fast.


The launch of a coin for trading is reliant on many variable parts and the best conclusion is to say that the timing is always subject to change. In those cases where your coin has not launched as soon as expected, your best solution is to just wait it out and trust in your initial investment feelings.

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